Welcome to Modern Day Woodwork, where we specialize in creating beautiful gifts of wood!

Thank you for visiting our site. Modern Day Woodwork is a father and son team of artisans who are passionate about breathing life into custom woodwork. We specialize in creating boards, boxes, intarsia, (wood mosaics) and furniture for our customers. Every piece is 100% hand made from start to finish.

Woodworking has a rich place in the history of human civilization. Used for thousands of centuries, it provided early cultures a way to construct shelters, furniture, boats, and more and in doing so made life easier and ultimately allowed a society to advance. We strive to create both decorative and useful items for the home made from the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods from around the world. Our products are not only practical, but can provide a beautiful artistic element to your home. We hope you will find something that will bring joy to your life through it’s usefulness and beauty.